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Product Introduction

[FPD-related Finishing Machines] Grinders for Polarizing Film

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Grinder (Large size・Extra-large size/Rectangular)

End face finishing machine for optical film, such as polarizing films (size:17~52inch, 57inch, 65inch, 72inch, 125inch)

High precision end face mirror finishing machine

Grinder (Large size・Extra-large size/Rectangular)

Product Features

■ We have many delivery records up to 125 inches (the only in the industry ). Various sizes available upon request.
■For extra-large sizes, “high-precision dedicated jigs” and “response capabilities of the machine” have been highly evaluated.
■ Many safety options for large and super large machines can be selected.
■Especially Extra-large machines are status for customer factories. Megaro Technica will help you to install them with confidence.




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