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[FPD-related Finishing Machines] Grinders for Polarizing Film

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Grinder(Curved/Rounded rectangle) Plane body system

Curved processing

The industry's first fully closed loop control. High precision processing has been achieved.

Grinder(Curved/Rounded rectangle) Plane body system

Product Features

■ Rounding and Chamfering can be easily processed by inputting numerical values on the touch screen.
■ Processing shapes other than rectangles are available by creating NC programs. (FANUC NC)
■ Product size supports up to 255mm x 180mm (11 inches).
■ There is enough clamping stroke, so it can clamp up to the maximum loading height of 80mm.
■ Cutting tools can be easily changed by adopting plane body system. (No need to adjust blade height)
■ Scattering of grinding dusts can be prevented by adoption of swing covering system according to the shape of workpieces. (Patent pending)
■ Grinding dusts do not scatter outside of the machine by covering the entire machine. (Semi-automatic door on the worker side)

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