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Model Name/Machining Center(for engineering plastic) NCE2412F-1AF

Features/Strongest in the industry
Mainly for heavy cutting and high precision processing of block-shaped products and engineering plastic materials

Model Name/Machining Center(standard) NCK2412F-2A

Features/Industry standards
Efficient processing of high-precision large products and expansion and contraction function of the distance between spindles

Model Name/Machining Center(with AC spindle motor) NCK2412F-2AF

Features/ Rigid
For efficient processing of high-precision large products including tapped holes

Model Name/Machining Center(built-in vise and tilting spindle) NCK1210F-1ATV

Features/Built-in triple vise
Processed object / Light guide plate

Model Name/Machining Center(circular saw axis) NCK2213F-2A1C

Features/Additional saw spindle

Model Name/Machining Center(4-head spindles) NCK3222F-4A


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