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Thickness Planer

Automatic thickness processing machine for plastic plates

Until now, thickness processing of plastic plates that include acrylic, PVC, MC Nylon, Duracon and PP, or thermosetting resin, such as bakelite board was processed using a milling machine or a machining center. However it has many problems, such as slow speed and the difficulty of chucking. This machine can set the specified thickness digitally and can finish quickly, easily, and beautifully only by setting workpieces. Width processing up to the size of the opening can also be performed easily.

Thickness Planer

Product Features

■ Digital display
Accurate verification of the specified thickness on a digital display.
■ Stainless steel surface table
Smooth feeding of workpieces thanks to a stainless steel surface table that does not mark the workpieces.
■ Workpiece feeding
Urethane rollers feed even thin plates without fail. The flexible plate pressers employ a soft touch that allows materials of different thicknesses to be fed simultaneously.
■ Variable feeding speed
The feed speed can be changed freely to suit the properties of the material for planing.
■ Cutting tool setting
The cutting tool can be accurately and easily set using the setting gauge.

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