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[Plastic Processing Machines] Tipped saw blades

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For cutting plastic

A tipped saw that saws without actually sawing!?


Product Features

■Saw without actually sawing!?
Conventional tipped saw blades have an acute angle, so they have too much bite into the plastic, causing vibration and frictional heat, and the melting plastic with heat makes it difficult to cut. With the MP type, the cutting edge is made obtuse to prevent biting, reducing the resistance on both sides of the workpiece being cut and reducing vibration.
■ Suitable for thin plate processing. PLA-CUT MP type has less impact when cutting and prevents cracking.
Smooth cutting is realized without cracking even for thin plates.
* Not suitable for Nylon, Duracon, or PP.
■Keeping the feature of PLA-CUT
While maintaining the long life, quietness, and low vibration characteristics of PLA-CUT, it has enabled accurate processing of hard plastics, which has been considered difficult until now.

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