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[Plastic Processing Machines] Tipped saw blades

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For cutting plastic

Until now, only high-precision tipped saws have been pursued. "PLA-CUT" is a new type of chipped saw that has been upgraded by adding a vibration suppression technology.


Product Features

■ A significant reduction in vibration of the saw blade body results in a quieter working environment. In addition, the ultrahard blade edge does not cut into unnecessary parts of a workpiece thanks to vibration suppression. This improves the effectiveness of the blade's hardness and improves the life of the blade edge by preventing wear.

■ The noise is quiet. By significantly reducing the vibration of the saw body, a quiet working environment is created.

■ We suppressed vibration. Conventionally, the natural vibration of the saw body during high-speed cutting occurs due to the impact force transmitted from a workpiece to the cutting edge. However, PLA-CUT suppresses the vibration by the large damping force of the main body, and provides a beautiful cutting surface.





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