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Product Introduction

[FPD-related Finishing Machines] Grinders for Light Guide Plate (Gate Processing Machines for Molded Light Guide Plates)

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Gate processing machine (Matte finishing)

Matte finishing of a light incident surface of a prism light guide plate

A multi-design that allows you to select a variety of processing methods and processing conditions with any combination of router spindle, mirror spindle, shaper spindle, and tilting table.

Gate processing machine (Matte finishing)

Product Features

■ Both matte processing and mirror finishing can be processed by a selector switch.
■The router spindle for roughing can be used to process workpieces with large grinding allowances or workpieces with gates in one process.
■ The shaper processing conditions (number of reciprocations, speed, grinding allowance) can be arbitrarily programmed, so appropriate finishing is possible.
■ It is possible to obtain delicate light incident conditions by an accurate tilting table.
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