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diffusion plates, and polarizing films, and plastic processing machines



Product Introduction

[FPD-related Finishing Machines] Grinders for Light Guide Plate (Mirror Finishing Machines for Plastic Plates)

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NC multiple machine (Mirror finishing and grooving) NCPB150F-2A・NCPB120F-2A・NCPB90F-2A・NCPB65F-2A

Features/Full automatic processing of large size workpieces, processable up to 300mm.
Processing Object/Light guide plate, diffuser plate

Full automatic PLA-BEAUTY MCPB-600A

Features/Mirror finishing, supportable with sheet type workpieces.
Processing Object/Plastic plate

Mirror finishing machine (General purpose) PB-500N・PB-1000N

Features/General purpose, mirror finishing on end face, for light guide plate
Processing Object/Light guide plate

Running PLA-BEAUTY PBR-1000/PBR-2000

Features/Mirror finishing on end face
Processing Object/Plastic plate

Four-side processing machine GCPB-R600

Features/Four-side mirror finishing for light guide plate
Processing Object/Light guide plate

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